Information For New CPN Clients

Important Information

This program is not intended to be used as a method of defrauding banks, creditors, or any other organization that requires your social security number as identification. This program is not a method to avoid paying your existing or future debts. If you created the debt, you are responsible to repay that debt. However, we will not support, facilitate, nor condone any fraudulent activity. The information here is informational purposes only and for you to use at your own risk. We are not lawyers.


1.  (we provide the new address so you don’t have to worry about the following statement) Select an address that you never used for anything to place on your CPN and make sure the original addressees are aware of this as this is where all of your mail and credit cards under that CPN will go. This will be used with your date of birth and your First and last name only.

2. It is best to obtain a CPN from a different state than your social sec. # was issued in. (we do this for you)

3. SSN ADMINISTRATION DOES NOT ISSUE numbers using your DOB ANYMORE. It is based on Geographical area now. 

4. Always remember what state your CPN was issued out of. (If you do not know refer to your CPN profile information we send you)

5. Memorize your CPN like it’s your social security # because this is the # that will be used for credit instead of your social sec. #.

6. Memorize your new address and the county associated with the city of that new address.

7. Be familiar with the addresses associated with your tradelines and know the county of those cities… (because creditors will ask questions pertaining to your credit profile to verify identity when applying for credit) You can Google the county of your city. (we do this for you and the information is provided in the profile we provide you.

8. When applying for credit ALWAYS use your new address associated with the CPN, if your license or ID sample_2-248x300-248x300still contains the old address make sure the creditors do not run it with your CPN because this will merge your old credit profile with the new one (You do not want that to happen because it will destroy the CPN you worked so hard to attain. Just tell the creditors that you did not update your address on your ID and or you have been a victim of fraud under that old address (many people have been and not know it)). Alternatively you can get an ID (not a drivers license) from a county you have never got an ID in before and get the ID with your CPN address information. That way you have an ID to support ID verification. If you need 2 forms of ID use a passport as it does not have an address on it but is accepted as a second form of ID.

9. Creditors will ask question pertaining to your credit report… Know what types of tradelines are on your credit profile. Remember if you have only authorized user tradelines and no primaries, you have no installment loans!!! Thus, the answer to all of those questions pertaining to installment loans are either no or none of the above!!! If you have primaries be familiar with them and the company that they are affiliated with.

10. Do not use the same contact number when applying for credit because the other address is attached to that phone number. This will merge your credit profiles! That is why we ask you to create a Google Voice number so we can add it to your profile.

11. Do not attempt to refinance anything that was purchased under your social sec. # with the CPN no matter how great the rates look, because this will also merge your credit profiles together and will be denied credit.

12. Most importantly never allow anyone to run your old address or any information other than the information you provided them with…It is illegal for someone to use information you did not provide them with for credit check. So just stick to the new CPN file information we provided you.

13. Do not use CPN for government programs where a social security card has to be presented (for example HUD home loans), filing taxes or employment, this is illegal !!!

14. When applying for credit or setting up a credit monitoring, provide the “exact” same information and “correct” spelling that was previously placed under your CPN!!! Memorize the information and or keep a copy of that information with you while applying for credit.3

The CANNOTS of your CPN

These are the things you cannot do with a CPN

1. You cannot call it your SSN NUMBER, because it is NOT –

2. You cannot use it for employment purposes.

3. You cannot buy a home with a credit profile number.

4. You cannot pay or file taxes with a credit profile numbers.

5. You cannot secure any government loan with a credit profile number.

6. You cannot obtain an SSN CARD with a Credit Profile Number.

7. You cannot say its your SSN when asked, it is a credit profile number.

8. You cannot have more than one credit profile numbers.

9. You cannot use someone else’s name or DOB for a credit profile number.

10. You cannot join the military with a credit profile number.

These rules do NOT change EVER – There will not be anytime in any future where these rules will change. So please remember that.

Also remember – Whatever you acquire with your credit profile number is completely your responsibility – It is NOT a free ride.

We have been asked this over and over in the past years, and my answer is, and will always be the same thing.