Facts & Questions

You have questions, we have answers!

Q. What is a Secondary Credit Number / Credit Privacy Number (SCN / CPN)?

A. Secondary credit number is separate from your social security number and is used to protect your social security number from identity theft.

Q. Where does the number come from?

A. Our Attorney acting as an independent third party.

Q. How long does it take to receive the number? 

A. Typically it takes 3-5 days. Credit posts to the bureau’s in 20-30 days.

Q. What’s the cost for a SCN / CPN ?

A. Please see our Packages Page.

Q. Is this legal?

A. Due to certain rights guaranteed by the 1974 US Privacy Act Title V (View The 1974 Privacy Act), federal law allows the ability for someone to legally use a private ID # for financial reporting purposes instead of a Social Security Number. Title 5, Section 7 of Publication Law 93-579 of Government Organization and Employees Act:

…(a) (1) It shall be unlawful for any Federal, State or Local Government Agency to deny any individual any right, benefit, or privilege provided by law because of such individual’s refusal to disclose his or her’s Social Security Account Number.

The law states that No federal, state, or local government agency may deny you any right, privilege or benefit due to your refusal to provide your SS # for any other reason than producing money for retirement account with the Social Security Administration, the IRS and your employer today.Credit Bureaus are not legally allowed to “require” your Social Security Number. In our country’s present credit reporting system a person may be assumed guilty and then must expend a great deal of time and resources to prove his or her innocence. Additionally, once a negative item is in a credit file it may remain long past the 7 year time period most people believe is used. Additionally, a misreported item can show up in a credit report multiple times.

Credit bureaus are private companies and are not affiliated with the government in any way, whatsoever. Although, the credit bureaus would like you to think otherwise.

Q. Am I responsible for the debts on my old report?

A. Yes! We suggest not to use the SCN / CPN as a way to avoid any debt (defraud creditors) under your Social Security number or E.I.N. You are responsible for all debts on your old report and debts incurred with your SCN / CPN number. You must remember that while you are rebuilding your credit, you must use your new SCN / CPN wisely. If you have had troubled credit in the past, don’t repeat your mistakes.

Q. Does SCN /CPN come from people that are deceased or incarcerated?

A. No…definitely not! Our SCN numbers are clean. They are not affiliated with anyone including the deceased,  incarcerated, or social security.

Q. Is this file segregation

A. No, definitely not! FILE SEGREGATION IS ILLEGAL!!! This isn’t a program where we tell people to defraud their creditors or use E.I.N. /T.I.N. to possibly gain new credit after filing bankruptcy. We encourage people to pay off their old debt. We educate our customers on how to use their SCN / CPN wisely so that they don’t make the same mistakes over again.

Q. Can you purchase more than one SCN / CPN?

A. No. You may obtain an SCN / CPN number only ONCE.

Q. When filling out an application for example (a credit card), would I put the SCN / CPN in place ofthe SSN?

A. No. You may obtain an SCN / CPN number only ONCE.

Q. Can you use the SCN /CPN Number to refinance on a mortgage?

A. No. Due to the loan being in your Social Security Number or EIN, it would have to be refinanced the same way.

Q. Can I use the SCN / CPN to rent an apartment?

A. Yes. We suggest establishing some credit before doing so. Reason being, most landlords want to see some kind of credit history to determine if you are a high risk or not.

Q. What will my new FICO Score be?

A. In the beginning your credit profile will be blank. However we will build your credit by applying for credit cards and other lines of credit so your registered Credit Score after 3 weeks will be 720+!!! Be sure to pay your creditors promptly and consistently as possible.

Q. What can I use my new SCN / CPN Number for?

A. As mentioned earlier, you can use your new SCN / CPN Number for anything that would normally require credit reporting purposes. For example, bank accounts, credit cards, personal loans, auto loans, apartments, utilities, cable, cell phones, etc.

Q. What are some of the places you suggest we apply for credit using our SCN / CPN? 

1. First Premier www.firstpremier.com 2. Capital One www.capitalone.com *You can also do a www.google.com search for unsecured/secured credit cards.

Q. Can I use the SCN / CPN Number to open a bank account? 

A. Yes. Maintain sufficient funds in the account at all times, and do not misuse the account in any way.

Q. How soon can I run my new credit?

A. We suggest waiting at least 15 days and then creating a new FREE CreditKarma.comaccount.

Q. How soon can I apply forCredit?

A. I would wait at least 1 week to make sure that the SCN / CPN is indexed with all 3 Credit Bureaus. However in our SCN / CPN Packages we do all the applying for you as well as provide you a “Best Practice” guide on how to responsibly manage your new accounts.

Q. How can I be guaranteed this will work?

A. We have helped over 3000+ people reach their goal since 2005 at starting over successfully with their credit. As long as you do your part, we always do ours.